Eliac Call Recording

Eliac Call Recording

Eliac Call Recording

In today’s world, voice security is very important, especially if you’re a financial institution, legal group, medical facility, service company or any other type of business with the necessity to record calls. At Smartsoft we understand that every company has different Voice Recording needs. That’s why our applications and professional services combine to offer you a complete affordable Recording Solution tailored specifically to your organization.

Whether you are interested of record external calls that are done from/to all users, or calls done from/to specific users, Eliac Call Recording is here for you.

Eliac can be attached and operate in two deferent working modes, the TRUNK based recording and EXTENSION based recording.

Trunk based recording will capture all calls (inbound and outbound) that established on the attached trunk line(s), regardless of the user/agent that involved in the call. The currently supported trunk line type is the analog type, but the support for digital (PRI/E1) and VOIP (SIP) trunks will coming soon.


Extension based call recording will capture all the calls at the targeted extension including intercom calls. You can easily search for a recording by extension, date and time, line number, Caller ID information, calling name, and many other fields. Recordings can be saved in .wav format and can be played in the default audio player.

Although the recording system is a passive system by its nature, Eliac offers some of simple but effective interaction to users/agents in order to increase the value of the overall recording process. For example user/agent can do the followings during the call:

  • Classify the call: With pre-assigned classifications (e.g. support call, sales call, project A, project B, …)
  • Mark recording: Put a mark on specific point of the recorded media (e.g. the part may contain important info or unappropriated conversation)
  • Start/Stop recording: If the user has the permission, he can manually start  or stop recording to this call.

With Eliac, you can record approximately 70,000 hours of voice calls on a 500 GB Drive.


  • Call Center: Call center calls can be recorded and used to retain employees. They can also be used to settle disputes when a “he said/she said” scenario presents itself.
  • Medical Facilities: Recorded call can be used to prove that medical  follow-ups were made and procedures were explained dot patient after
    leaving medical facility.
  • Legal Institutions: Attorney-client calls can be record and later used to settle billing disputes.
  • Prisons:  Record calls between inmates and outside called party.
  • Alarm companies:  Eliac can be used by an alarm company to record the calls when and alarm is tripped and alarm rep calls the homeowner.  This way they have a record that the call was made to the home along with a recording of the person providing the password.


  • Improve Customer service levels
  • Protect against liability issues.
  • Monitor employee customer relationships
  • Improved employee performance.
  • Proactive agent training
  • Reduce customer disputes.
  • Call quality control
  • Avoid the “he said/she said” dispute
  • Improved understanding of customer needs.
  • Improve collection rates, sales, and other performance metrics.
  • Archive recorded calls
  • Email Recorded Call
  • Compatible with Panasonic KX-TDA/TDE/NCP/NS IP-PBXs

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