Sistel Call Center


Sistel Call Center System is a modern, intelligent and flexible telephony application that integrates perfectly with most modern telephony systems, e.g. Panasonic, AVAYA, CISCO,…, and expands their facilities to meet the current and expected customers’ needs.

The power of Sistel raises from its high level view of the telephony process as an interaction between three elements, customer, agent and the phone call itself, then supplying facilities and tools to each element to simplify its task and allow it to access the advanced options allowed by the system.

Automatically handling call routing & distribution, and queue management free the agent from headache of the phone call responsibility and free him to concentrate on the business tasks, increasing the overall performance of each agent and raising the feed back for all the company.

Supervisor has all helping tools to manage agents and monitor/control their activities either online or as a log history, which helps him to determine the strength and weakness of the job cycle for them in order to increase the company’s performance.

With built in CRM module, which is simplified but smart, no needs for expensive separate CRM system for most small to medium companies requirements that saves a lot of money. And being a part of the call center system, merges the concept of customer service into each process of the system, from customer call special handling, to automatic customer assignation to agent and till calling customer for marketing and follows strategies.


Sistel Schema

You can further improve on the call center solution by adding other features such as an Integrated Voice Reponses Unit (IVR), which can be totally customize to fit any environment.

Whether your business is a law firm, medical facility, alarm company or any business that hold security in high regards,Sistel’ Recording Module will help you secure recordings of all those important calls, with easy access to call reports that can be archived or easily emailed to multiple email addresses.

Another call center solution may include Poltys’ Gateway for Microsoft Lync©. It provides the technology to link Microsoft Lync Server ©, to the Panasonic IP-PBX. This provides Remote Call Control (RCC) services to allow users to control and interact with their telephone handsets from within the Lync client.


Sistel Features

  • Compatible with Panasonic KX-TDA/TDE/NCP/NS IP-PBX series
  • Connects to many PBX brands (Panasonic, AVAYA, CISCO,…)
  • ACD Reports and statistics
  • Real-time Monitor with statistics
  • Historical information graphics performance.
  • Historical Reports provides global group and individual performance.
  • Flexible call routing plans
  • Real time call display
  • Builtin CRM service
  • Improved management of counters and timers
  • Graphics performance in real time
  • Flexible report templates to generate reports


  • Call Centers
  • Contact Centers
  • Outbound Call Campaigns
  • Education Centers
  • Banks / Financial Institutions
  • Customer Satisfaction Polls
  • Technical Support Divisions
  • Fund Raising and Volunteers
  • Government Agencies
  • Health Care Information
  • Insurance Companies
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Phone Surveys…and many more


  • Keep you in control of operational costs related to outbound call campaigns
  • Reduced hold time
  • Increased agent efficiency
  • Eliminate gathering of common information from customers
  • Rapid ROI based on time saved
  • Cost effective
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Fast response to customer needs
  • Fully integrated
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Improve caller Identification and segmentation
  • Optimize Your Call Center Operations
  • Real-time Monitor
  • Analyze Performance
  • Proactive Management
  • Increase the efficiency of your business
  • Builtin CRM that offer a lot of customers needs.
  • You can add more options: IVR, Conference Bridge, CRM integration, call recordings … and many more

Sample Reports


Sistel Features

Sistel IVR